Sexual Dysfunction Therapy

(This is a non-sexual technique but you will experience an increase in sexual/sensual energy) 

Sexual Dysfunction therapy is based off ideas borrowed from Tantra massage, Somatic Therapy and includes various techniques from different schools of massage with elements from yogabioenergetics, and sexual therapy.

By definition massage is a sensual experience. It is perceived through our senses. It makes you feel good. It is meant to be pleasing to the senses. The problem arises with the fact that most people do not clearly distinguish between sensuality and sexuality. The distinction is quite simple:
  • Sensuality by itself does not necessarily have any sexual intent
  • Sexuality is sensuality with sexual intent 
The original meaning of the word ‘sensual’ is that something is perceived and enjoyed through the senses. This is certainly the case with sexual dysfunction therapy and this is also what sets massage apart from medical and clinical environments which are generally not pleasing to the senses at all.

The process combines the feeling of well-being associated with deep relaxation therapy as people come to resolve problems related to relationship issues, self esteem issues and sexual anxiety. It is a natural aphrodisiac used to build sexual/sensual energy. It can be used for emotional and sexual healing, rejuvenating your urges for sex, which may have gotten suppressed under depression, sleeplessness, work anxiety, phobias and other life stresses. When we become aroused our glands produce several hormones, neuro-peptides, enzymes, and other beneficial chemicals. As humans we crave and need touch. Just holding hands releases serotonin. The more we are touched, nurtured and aroused the more beneficial chemicals we produce and release into our bodies. All of these chemicals have positive effects on our body and mood. They are mood enhancers, muscle relaxants, pain relievers, immune boosters, they increase blood flow and have anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties too. The therapist uses many sensual techniques including slow soft strokes, finger tips, feathering strokes, hot stones, and warm coconut oil allowing the client to just open up surrendering to the rediscovery of senses, feelings and emotions and providing the most pleasurable experience possible. In addition, massage offers women who have traditionally been the giver in the relationship their turn for complete relaxation and pleasure, without any complications or them needing to reciprocate in any way. They just lie down and feel the delicate moves of the masseur’s fingers on their body.