As a Structural Bodyworker I offer therapeutic services helping clients to correct posture, relax and relieve stress, fix and prevent injuries or just for increased fitness and flexibility. Employing a personalized strategy that considers the clients unique conditions, needs and circumstances, I use the most appropriate interventions to help them regain and maintain optimum health.


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What does a Structural Bodyworker do?

Structural Bodyworker, in conjunction to a physical therapist, is a health professional who focuses on soft tissue alignment to alleviate body pain caused by postural imbalance, injuries or congested areas. Bad posture, weak or restricted muscles and Distortions or disorganization in the soft tissue can result in many types of pain and symptoms.

The use of mechanical force and movements (bio-mechanics) promote mobility, in otherwise impaired or painful movements.  Learn More

I help you:
  • Utilize as a first option, non-invasive, non surgical, and therapeutic techniques to improve your general health and wellness
  • Prevent Injury's
  • Recover from injury and surgery
  • Relieve and overcome chronic pain
  • Improve fitness and flexibility
  • Reduce stress and anxiety