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Performer specific Therapy

Performing is one of the most rewarding and fun experiences there is, whether it is a hobby or your full time career. But often performers can forget or neglect their greatest asset - their body! Performers often push themselves and their body to the limits, with grueling practice schedules, back to back performances, not to mention moving yourself and all your gear to and from gigs. All performers; musicians, dancers, actors, etc are subject to repetitive work. Thus is the nature of the business, performing requires perfection, this means attention to the smallest details and long hours spent practicing to get it just right. But this repetitive nature of working places you at high risk of injury or health problems, and these can significantly interfere with and impair your ability to perform. 

Numerous careers of great performers both professional and amateur have been cut short by pain or dysfunction. Fortunately, this does not always need to be the case. If found early and treated with specialist care and knowledge many of the common injuries that could potentially end a performer's career can be successfully treated and managed to allow the performer to continue working. Performers are athletes, just as an Olympic runner warms up and cools down, trains and conditions their body for the demands of their sport so too should a performer train and condition their body. The Olympic runner does not simply launch into a race un-prepared, a great deal of time is spent in preparation, building their endurance, stamina and strength. So too does a performer need to gradually build up their stamina and endurance, and condition their body for the demands of their work. An athlete cannot go from practicing one hour a day to five hour practice sessions - you need to gradually and gently build up your body's stamina, without this gradual build up injuries can occur.

T'R'T Performance Therapy is dedicated to providing PREHAP to prevent injuries and optimize your conditioning or treatment and care for musculoskeletal injuries affecting all performers and athletes, including Law Enforcement, dancers, bicyclists, equine professionals and others that lead a very active lifestyle. We treat all types of injuries and musculoskeletal complaints from the simple backache all the way to disc injuries, headaches, rehabilitation from surgery and managing chronic conditions such as repetitive strain. Our goal is to help you achieve a pain free performing life!

As a performer your body is your greatest tool and you rely on it being in top working order to do your job. Don't let your performance suffer due to pain or injury. Utilize these services to optimize your performance or seek treatment for that nagging back, shoulder, arm, neck or hand pain today! Whatever your complaint we can conduct a full assessment of your condition and provide you with both treatment and ongoing care to successfully rehabilitate your body so you can perform at your best. I am dedicated to helping you reach your greatest potential and most importantly perform pain free!