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Structural Bodywork

What does a Structural Bodyworker do?
SB's work closely with performers, athletes or just everyday people to not only treat injuries but to also prevent them from occurring by correcting and optimizing the functioning of the body, and reducing the risk of the development of overuse and repetitive strain injuries.

As this is a relatively new profession there can be some confusion as to what type of therapist an Structural Bodyworker is. They are not physical therapists, nor are they massage therapists. We are primary health care practitioners, with advanced training in Health Sciences. A Structural Bodyworker possess a high level of skill and knowledge in the treatment of dysfunction and disorders of a musculoskeletal nature and have an extensive range of treatment options to effectively treat and prevent injuries (PREHAB). 

Structural Bodyworkers are experts in movement, function and posture, as such relief from pain; or recovery from an injury are often the most thought of and sought after benefits of Structural Bodywork. However, SB's can also provide a number of other health benefits. These can include improvements in posture, strengthening of core musculature, increased range of movement and flexibility and improved overall well-being. Furthermore SB’s are skilled in providing advice regarding injury prevention, managing the natural process of aging, and even rehabilitation following surgery. 

Massage is very beneficial at releasing tight muscles that lead to compensation patterns but you can’t fully address every issue without incorporating myofascial release, exercise and stretching into your session. Additionally your body cant fully heal until you address other areas hindering your performance including nutrition and emotional health. A Structural Bodyworker takes a holistic approach assessing your mental and physical health, then chooses the appropriate techniques for proper body balancing to target specific issues or just maintain general fitness and relaxation. 

Common conditions we treat : 

• Achilles Tendonitis

• Plantar fasciitis

• Back pain

• Neck pain

• Joint pain

• Lateral Epicondylitis

• Migraines

• Disc herniation

• Sciatica

• Carpel tunnel

• Pelvic tilt

• Chronic back pain

• Knee problems

• Rotator cuff injuries

• Pregnancy

• Poor posture

• Shoulder pain

• Hip pain

• Nerve impingements

• Muscle imbalances

• Arthritis

• Sports & Occupational RSI